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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  February 25, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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with one more look at you >> tag time. struggling to get the words out in her opening song, a very emotional celine dion returned to caesar's palace in las vegas, her first performance since losing her husband, rene, last month. >> every time i close mied d my eyes i felt rene's presence with me. >> the most difficult show she's done in her life she told the audience. here is more from last night's performance. good-bye. where does my heartbeat now the rise and how the vaccine is doing battling it this year. >> we begin at 11:00 with the search for a missing boy who was never actually missing.
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it started when ismyel badillo's mother told police that her car was stolen with her child inside, . stay? >> they both stopped short of saying they never lied to police and they say it cost taxpayers and police precious resources and time as they tried to search for this boy who was never really missing. you see there that this boy was missing allegedly at around 1:30 when angelica morero told police her boy was taken inside a stolen car. that sent police into immediate overdrive chasing the stolen car and looking for the boy.
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curlew road. the boy was not in the car and eventually the mother admitted he was in daycare in pinellas park with his sister. their grandmother. >> she is my speet sweet child, too, and i want to ask her what happened and why did you take it this far? thank god, i'm getting my grandbabies and they are going be safe and okay. >> no comment. >> was your son ever missing? >> no comment, the police already took care of it. >> it appears that the exchange of the vehicle may have had a drug nexus and i think it was something that got a little out of hand. >> the two parents are being charged with misusing 9-1-1 and filing false reports. the driver of the car has been charged with grand theft auto and fleeing police.
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may be made available to us soon refute the stories and they say they have these two right on the money and they did in fact lie to 9-1-1 operators. >> parkway and the and the little boy is with the grandparents tonight, right? >> that's right, the boy was taken from police right to the police station where the grandparents were reunited with him. >> glad he is getting cared for tonight. >> and developing now, tornado damage in the florida panhandle prompting governor scott to declare a state of emergency in several counties tonight. the tornado packed winds of up to 155 miles per hour and it damages or destroyed over 300 homes in the pensacola area, but remarkly nobody was
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fox 13's haley hines shows how people are working to clean up the mess. >> many of these had will neighborhoods are rumbling with the rounds of generators and roofing companies and generators are running throughout the night. this pile here was a fence this morning. >> when it hit the mourdock area it was around 1:15. it ripped pieces of this suntrust building right off, this was an ef1, with winds up to 97 miles per hour. it ripped moving off of homes and sliced through screens and knocked over everything in its path. there were 34 homes damaged in the deep creeg creek area with almost a dozen unlivable.
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don't have any water because it broke my -- the spigots off where the lanai used to be. >> some neighbors are going be forced to sleep elsewhere tonight but if there is any gd in goodin all of this it is that no one was killed here. >> that storm system is now moving up the east coast. this is video out of charlotte north carolina where winds brought down trees and knocked out power to a lot of homes and the winds turned daddily turned deadly in the small town of -- -- excuse me, the storm killed three people there including a 2-year-old child. six people total died in the storm including two in louisiana and one in mississippi. >> a former animal shelter care
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thousands in donations. gale judah was the office manager and she is stoad said to have taken over $66,000 and police say she altered the books. and this wrong-way driver in sarasota, cont we tonight we are hearing from a woman who says that driver nearly hit her and her 2-year-old daughter. >> i was just like worry buendia worried about my child in the back seat and was this person on drugs or what was going on with him. >> that is stephanie puckett who has to swerve out of the way. the driver was arrested for ob
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elude, and his blood alcohol limit was nearly three times the legal limit. >> officials say it's not too late to get the flu vaccine. crystal how is it looking locally? >> at manatee memorial in bradenton, doctors are seeing a record number of flu patients so far this week. it's not so bad in tampa but still many, many patients are heading to the hospital but while the virus is spreading fast, the good news is this year's strain is a familiar one. >> stocked up and ready to go, there are cases of flu vaccine at tampa hospitals. >> this is the strain from 2009, that is when healthy young adults were getting sick and having complications and
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>> but this year hospitals are better equipped to addle the equipped handle the virus. >> this year's vaccine is a good match for the strain. >> a record number of patients showed up at manatee memorial with flu-like symptoms and hospital officials say 310 patients visited the e.r. in a single day. >> since january 1 we have had about 110 flu cases here within the hospital. >> but even visiting the hospital can put people at risk careful. >> if you are having flu symptoms tell them right away, we'll give you a mask and hand sanitizing and we will try to key up away from others. >> frequent hand washing doesn't hurt and reminding your
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themselves. >> cough into your elbow instead of your hand because you cough into your hands and you spread it around. >> if your one of the unlucky income get the flu this season doctors say it's important to stay at home until your fever is under 101 degrees and it can take 10 to 14 days to recover from it. >> you don't want to mess around with the flu, our producer jessie knows that well, and we thank her for staying out of work for a while. >> you shouldn't go to work if you think you are contagious. >> and making headlines for choosing the sex of her baby. >> how the model and miss john mrs. john legend is responding to criticism. >> and after the break, paul we had a rough morning and
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out there tonight? right direction.
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seven-day is look, i know you're a cow and all.
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i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. new tonight... a piece of >> new tonight a piece of florida's history is being
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>> lawmakers voted to remove a statute. this one of smith has been there since 1922. now the effort to replacement gained support during a recent debate over confederate symbols. and the governor has indicated he will sign it. possible replacements, flaggler or disney. >> congressman david jolly says he is determined to keep tampa bay the home of several hurricane hunter aircraft. for decades macdill has housed the planes but now they say they need the hangar space for new jets and they give them several months to move out.
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the planes stay in this area. >> given the agency's concern over losing up to half of its highly skilled and qualified workforce should the hurricane hunters move out of tampa bay and the mission they support in our region i am optimistic that noaa will keep the quiewnts in units in this area. >> he says he will explore space at st. pete clearwater and tampa bay airports. >> bad weather at cape came and a half really a forced a scrub of the space x rocket, their fourth attempt to land a rocket on a plavment platform in the ocean. it looked picture perfect last
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>> 6:45 and sunset at like 6:30, it's a good time because you will get the sunset to give light and i think we'll have a good view of the launch. >> you heard it here, the weather is going be good and i think we are a good for launch. check it out, begin the countdown. this is what we were dealing with this morning and you would think i learned my lesson. is the rain on el nio winters always comes in early. this morning we had the rain off of the coast and timing was earlier than expected and then things slowed down. multiple tornado warning south of us and multiple rain warnings, about half an inch to an inch as the trend for wet weather continues. and actually this should be a tornado warning up in the green swamp earlier today for a pretty impressive looking cell on radar that went over rural green
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if it was over a populated area earlier today that could have been an issue. 75 for the high today and the low is the current reading. prescription .83 and year to day almost double the average of 8.71. 75 the high, the average high is 74. we are adding a lot to our daily high temperatures, the average is moved to late february and march. the sun gets higher in the sky and the average highs start increasing in numbers especially through march. we have blues coming up with a cold front, and tonight a severe thunderstorm watch is up in the northeast and includes all of new york city. behind this front we have dry air moving in on the backside. we'll see lots of sunshine coming up for the next several days. the squall line is how off the tip of cape hatteras north carolina and that is moving
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here. you have rain along i-95 in jersey and the weather in new york city is absolutely awful. city. there was a severe thunderstorm warning north of new york city, in west chester county, with heavy rain and strong winds, it is a mess tonight. this is tropical air making it all the way into new england where it's in the 50's and 60's. a couple of weeks ago they were 10 to 15 degrees below zero. the winds have shifted behind the cold front and the dewpoints are plunging into the 40's, 50's and 60's. a very nice night underway. winds are gusty coming in from the west and northwest. obviously tomorrow is not a good boating day with wind advisories
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and then we just watch the big "h". high pressure is your friend and that high is going slowly move our way from the west and northwest giving us more sunshine. remember how good last weekend was? and it was good. this weekend i think is going to be just as nice. blue sky, low humid, and lots of sunshine. we are down 52 tomorrow, windy with sunshine and turning noticeably cooler. we are about 62 dress and coming 62 degrees. and check out the seven-day. some of you could be complaining a little bit that it's too cold. 43 at night is kind of chilly and 62 is kind of chilly but in august you are going to wish for a couple of days like this. and back to the mid 70's next week. >> not complaining a bit, paul, thank you. and co-stars doesn't always get along but there is a rumor about
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>> well, you know celebrity baby news is only popular but when it comes to this model's pregnancy it's hitting an ethical nerve. head crack joins us now from dish nation studios in atlanta. okay, so head crack we know that tegin and her hub used used invitro fertilization but they actually chose the sex of her baby. >> she wanted to make sure she got a girl and out of all of the embryos they had, she chose a girl, and she is happy with the situation, but the internet, not so happy, mixed reviews. >> if you can choose, i guess
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people have equated this to taking nature out of it. >> it can be viewed that way but a lot of times you have to think way back in the day, pre-1900 and 2000s, the science was not there to help us out. >> i love how she is open on twitter answering people's questions about ifv and making some jokes. and she said she chose the embryoi don't embryothat had a talent for magic, loved bacon and would fit into size 7 shoes. >> that is why people like her, and good luck to her and john legend. >> and now someone who is not such an open book. rumors have surfaced that he may
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filming ali, so how did this come up. >> the interviewer was talking about will smith and how he treated him on the set of the movie ali. paul rodriguez was playing ernie pacheco and the real pacheco called will smith the "n" word when set smith off, and when he ernie rodriguez playing pachco came on the set he was reportedly mean to him. so he was chalking it up to maybe what happened to him and
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>> and you are very right it could have been a part of will smith's acting method and i had no proof other that i put on a lot of weight for the roll. >> all right, head crack always keeping us up to date on what is happening. catch him and the rest of the dish nation gang week nights right after our news at 11:35. >> we are a long way from the start of the buccaneer season, but dirk cutter is learning important things right now at the combine.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first


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